How Drug Testing Works

The narcotics test is carried out in any public or private laboratory. With the hair drug testing, you can highlight traces of many illegal substances swallowed up to 90 days before: marijuana, cocaine (including crack), opiates (including heroin, morphine, and codeine), amphetamines and MDMA.

This test consists in analyzing a strand of hair, pulverized and dissolved in solvents, through the Gas Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry. With 10 cm long hair or hair, you can check your drug use for the past 10 months.

Drug testing can be performed on a sample of hair or other body hair, the sample is sent to the laboratory and here – after being recorded, shredded, weighed and made homogeneous – is divided into two parts. On the first part, a test is performed with immunoassay techniques.

If this type of analysis produces a suspicious result, a new confirmatory test is performed – on the second portion of hair using various techniques (gas chromatography with mass detection or mass spectrometry).

The test of the hair, unlike that of the urine, is carried out only in some specialized centers and is very expensive.

However, more parents who suspect or know about drug use are considering testing their child with a drug or cannabis test. As a parent, you are of course concerned and looking for a definite answer. In those circumstances, such a urine test seems to offer a solution. Yet there are quite a few limitations attached to it.

First and foremost, a urine test can put the trust between parents and children under serious pressure and lead to cat-and-mouse games. Carrying out a test at home also requires some knowledge. And the test result (positive or negative) does not always offer the hoped-for clarity. It can sometimes raise more questions than it offers answers.

Positive drug testing result

What do you do, for example, if the result is positive? You know that your child has used drugs, but not much more than that. It is a snapshot and says little or nothing about the extent and the time, let alone the reason for drug use.

Negative test result

Suppose the test is negative, but you continue to notice the appearance and behavior of things that could indicate drug use are all the worries then off the track? Has the trust in your child with a negative result suddenly been restored? Which guarantee offers a negative result that your child did not use last month or will not do so within six months? And continuous testing is also not an option, because how long will you keep that up: half a year, one, two or five years?

Marking whether your child uses cannabis or other drugs is difficult. Only reliance on external symptoms, such as the classic dilated pupils or red eyes, is rather risky. It is better to form an overall picture of how your child is doing.

With or without a urine drug testing, sooner or later it must be a real conversation. The best way to find out if your child is using drugs is ultimately out of his or her mouth.